New Novel – A Woman of Courage

I’m very excited to announce that my new novelĀ A Woman of Courage will be published in November 2023! And even more news… I recently signed with HarperCollins for A Woman of CourageĀ and a second book! Here’s the link to the lovely press release and what I have to say about this new chapter in my… Read more

Daughter of Calabria

As you may know, the smaller paperback format of each of my novels follows a year after the first release of the original larger edition. As we prepared for the paperback release of Echoes of War in September, my publishers wondered whether the original title told readers enough about the setting and story. They asked… Read more

Talking about Echoes of War with SBS Italian Radio

I had the pleasure of speaking to SBS Radio about Echoes of War recently. I really enjoyed talking to journalist Carlo Oreglia about my Italian heritage and my grandparents and of course, the inspiration for Echoes of War. It was an Italian segment, the podcast and article transcribed into Italian, for the Italian community, and… Read more

Echoes of War – the intriguing stories of Calabria

While researching Echoes of War, I was fascinated to learn about the rich religious history of Calabria and the legends that accompany many of the religious sites. Calabria is famous for its religious festivals, especially involving the Madonna. In the village my family comes from, the festa happens in early September where a statue of… Read more

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