A dramatic tale of love and identity..

A sweeping tale of love and loss..

Inspired by a true story.

Journey back into the past...

And discover untold stories from another time...


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I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child but didn’t pursue my dream until I had children of my own. Now I can’t ever imagine doing anything else but write! Historical fiction is my passion, combining the things I love – writing, history and family stories. I also love to read and I try to snatch a few spare moments whenever I’m not writing or busy with my family, to read anything from contemporary fiction to autobiography but my favourites are historical fiction and fantasy.

‘The Girl from Munich’ and ‘Suitcase of Dreams’ are inspired by the stories my grandmother told. ‘Letters from Berlin’, my most recent book, inspired by a true story and set in World War Two Germany, is an epic story of family and legacy, love and survival under the menacing shadow of the Third Reich. It hits the shelves October 1, 2020.

Latest Book


Letters from Berlin

I’m so excited to share the gorgeous cover of my next book ‘Letters from Berlin’! I’ve been working on this novel for some time but it’s finally done and the release date of October 1 will soon be here. The cover reveal always makes the reality of the novel hit home. Soon it will be… Read more

Treasures from Suitcase of Dreams

I’ve been asked about the inspiration behind Suitcase of Dreams. As you know the book is inspired by my grandmother’s stories of life in Australia as a migrant in the 1950s. I wanted Suitcase of Dreams to feel authentic to the migrant experience of the 1950s and 60s and many of the events in the… Read more

Suitcase of Dreams – Letters from the Vietnam War

While researching ‘Suitcase of Dreams’ I was interested to learn more about the Vietnam War, especially from the Australian perspective. As the war progressed, our presence in Vietnam increased  and the anti-war protests of the late sixties became famous. Less well known is the reception our soldiers received when they returned home from a very… Read more

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