Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of another year. Where has it gone?

For me it’s been an incredible year with the realisation of my childhood dream – to become a published author. It was very hectic year preparing ‘The Girl from Munich’ for release but I learnt so much along the way about writing and editing.   I’ll always be grateful for this amazing experience.

Soon the writing will slow down as we prepare for Christmas.  Growing up, we celebrated Christmas Eve with my German grandmother. The highlight was always dressing the ‘real’ pine tree with tinsel, glass balls, ornaments and candles and cooking and eating the wonderful array of German Christmas food, especially the sweets. I swear that my grandmother’s biscuits are still the best, no matter how many times my mother and I have made them. These days I try to continue these traditions with my own family. The candles on the tree are sadly now gone and we’ve decided that a fake tree is more environmentally friendly. We have coloured lights instead and use candles on the tables around the traditional Christmas wreath.  Food is still an important part of our Christmas and we spend weeks preparing for the assortment of gingerbread houses, biscuits in the shape of stars and trees, fruit cakes, puddings and chocolate truffles. Our traditions have changed a little with the times and the addition of other cultural influences but the essence is still the same. For us, Christmas is a time of joy, a time for family and to remember the rich cultural diversity we’re all fortunate enough to have here in Australia.

Whatever you do over the holiday season, may it bring you joy, laughter and gladden your heart.