I was very excited to discover my feature article in Sunday’s Sun Herald, Melbourne Age and Canberra Times, just two days after the book’s release. It was a lovely article and it was quite surreal to see my picture staring back at me and virtually a whole page about ‘The Girl from Munich’. For years, I’ve read the same sections in those three newspapers, having lived in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, and dreamed of one day maybe having my novel featured there. It’s hard to believe that it’s finally happened but a wonderful feeling.

Since that article, I’ve been fortunate enough to have further interviews and Q & As published in various magazines and newspapers and I’ve discussed ‘The Girl from Munich’ in a number of talks and interviews. Thanks to Better Reading, I’ve learnt all about Face Book Live, Podcasts and Book Club streaming live to Face Book! You can find many of these media items on my face book page. If you’d like to listen to my podcast, go to  apple.co/2o4eWOs

I can’t help but wonder what my grandmother would have made of this all. I think maybe if she was still here, she would gather me into one of her enormous bear hugs and plaster my face with kisses. As it is, I think that she would be proud, not just of my achievement but of the story that I’ve told, a story based on her life.