A heartrending tale set in war torn Italy...

An unforgettable tale of love, courage and betrayal...

A dramatic tale of love and identity..

A sweeping tale of love and loss..

Inspired by a true story.

Journey back into the past...

And discover untold stories from another time...


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I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child but didn’t pursue my dream until I had children of my own. Now I can’t ever imagine doing anything else but write! Historical fiction is my passion, combining the things I love – writing, history and family stories. I also love to read and I try to snatch a few spare moments whenever I’m not writing or busy with my family, to read anything from contemporary fiction to autobiography but my favourites are historical fiction and fantasy.

‘The Girl from Munich’ and ‘Suitcase of Dreams’ are inspired by the stories my grandmother told. ‘Letters from Berlin’, my most recent book, inspired by a true story and set in World War Two Germany, is an epic story of family and legacy, love and survival under the menacing shadow of the Third Reich. It’s available now! You can view the gorgeous trailer to ‘Letters from Berlin’ in the video clip above and enjoy a sneak peek in this extract below!


My latest book ‘Echoes of War’, now renamed ‘Daughter of Calabria’, is inspired by my father’s Italian heritage and is set in Mussolini’s fascist Italy in the years leading up to and including World War Two. At a time of great upheaval with men trying to pull the world apart, this is one woman’s story of determination to find a life’s work, her place in the world she lives in and the passion of a deep and abiding love.

The new edition with the beautiful new look cover and title will be out on 7th September, 2022. You can pre-order here and click on ‘New Edition’.


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Latest Book


Daughter of Calabria

As you may know, the smaller paperback format of each of my novels follows a year after the first release of the original larger edition. As we prepared for the paperback release of Echoes of War in September, my publishers wondered whether the original title told readers enough about the setting and story. They asked… Read more

Talking about Echoes of War with SBS Italian Radio

I had the pleasure of speaking to SBS Radio about Echoes of War recently. I really enjoyed talking to journalist Carlo Oreglia about my Italian heritage and my grandparents and of course, the inspiration for Echoes of War. It was an Italian segment, the podcast and article transcribed into Italian, for the Italian community, and… Read more

Echoes of War – the intriguing stories of Calabria

While researching Echoes of War, I was fascinated to learn about the rich religious history of Calabria and the legends that accompany many of the religious sites. Calabria is famous for its religious festivals, especially involving the Madonna. In the village my family comes from, the festa happens in early September where a statue of… Read more

Echoes of War – Calabria, the fascinating south of Italy.

My love of family stories is nothing new. I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a child and eternally curious about the lives of the people involved. Sometimes the stories are rich in detail but most often they’re snippets of what life was like in another time and place, almost like photos capturing a… Read more

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